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Tiny Pets,


Spider Stuff Co. is a revolutionary company dedicated to transforming public perceptions about spiders through the creation of exquisite handmade homes and accessories. Our mission is to combine artistry, innovation, and a touch of whimsy to craft unique products that celebrate them as unique pets.

A spider as a pet?!

Don't let fear spin its web around you! While spiders may be a source of apprehension for some, owning a jumping spider as a pet offers a fantastic opportunity to overcome those fears and discover a whole new perspective on these incredible creatures!

E.B. White

“Once you begin

watching spiders,

you haven't time

for much else.”

Pet Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders are surprisingly expressive, showcasing their vibrant colors and distinct personalities.

Fancy Pet Jumping Spider Home

Caring for a pet jumping spider can be an enriching and educational experience for all ages.

Wendy Regal Pet Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders may be small, but they bring big personality to any room with their lively antics.

Pet Jumping Spider Playground

These tiny spiders make for captivating companions with their intricate and agile movements.

Having a jumping spider as a pet allows you to appreciate the elegance of nature's smaller wonders.


Jumping spiders are known for their incredible agility and intriguing hunting techniques. Watching them stalk their prey, leap with precision, and display intricate mating rituals can be both captivating and educational.


Regal jumping spiders make great pets


Jumping spiders are relatively easy to care for compared to other pets. They require a small enclosure with proper ventilation, a suitable substrate, and minimal feeding requirements. Their small size means they don't need much space, making them ideal for those with limited living arrangements.

Despite their small size, jumping spiders are surprisingly interactive. They often respond to movement and may even display curiosity towards their human observers. This interactivity can provide a sense of companionship and engagement.


Baby Regal Jumping Spiders Coming Soon! 

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Owning a jumping spider can be an excellent educational opportunity, especially for children. It can teach them about the natural world, predator-prey relationships, and the importance of biodiversity.


Jumping spiders come in various colors and patterns, which adds to their visual appeal. Their intricate designs and vibrant markings make them a beautiful addition to any living space.


By keeping a jumping spider as a pet, you can raise awareness about these often-misunderstood creatures. Promoting their conservation and dispelling misconceptions about spiders can contribute to a more informed and compassionate society.